Construction in full swing

In the recent past I am noticing too much of construction activities going in and around Guindy. This giant crane cum jack hammer is doing all the possible damages to mother earth. I am not able to sit in my office, infact I am able to feel the vibration in my workplace. I know, I am getting reminded of “Ramana” movie. I wanted to find out from the building owner about the vibration. To my surprise he told me “thats how it should be felt, If you don’t feel the vibration tell me there is something going wrong”. I learnt it is some German technology and is earthquake proof. When there is any external force applied the entire building should shake and I was told the owner has invested crores of money just for this technology. I then realized the next construction is also done by our building owner. A sign of relief. I am sure he is not going to let his building go down :) I feel it would be great to carry out such jackhammer work during the night times. Anyway thats my two little cents. Who cares about what I feel!

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