Annalakshmi - South Indian Restaurant


Its more like a temple than a restaurant. Yes, the place is designed like that. We entered opening the wooden door with bell into a long rectangular hall with pillars and lamps hanging similar to temple corridors. The place reverberates with a sacred aura. We were listening to slokas sung by MS Subalakshmi. We had good quality people helping us with the food. I could see a different class of service in this place which I haven’t seen in a five star hotel too. I then learnt, all the people are devotees of Swami Shantananda Saraswati (a disciple of Sivananda) who volunteer to cook and serve. The people who served me food came in a Skoda :).

Rajyalakshmi (mix of north Indian and south Indian) was the food we ordered. The food had all the south Indian home made varieties. To name a few I njoyed were kothamalli podi with Sundaikai, Vathakozhambu with oil, Tomato Rasam, Curd Rice, Arusi Upma, Vazhapoo Vadai, Sepakezhangu fry, and Pickles (Gadarangai, Maagali, Maanga). The food was great and we were feeling at home. This place is little expensive but I learnt the money goes for charity. Try it and nJoy the food prepared by PHd’s of South Indian Tradition.

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