Pissed off with bank calls

Receiving calls in my mobile phone is getting very unpleasant nowadays. I receive at least two calls a for credit card, Insurance, or loan offers. I learnt from my friend that there is a DONOTCALL page in most of the banks. Once you register, you can avoid those nagging calls from various banks. I guess it works!!!

Here you go…

ICICI: http://www.inuonline.com/dnc/donotcall.asp
HDFC: http://www.hdfc.com/donotcallform.asp
HDFC Bank: https://www.hdfcbank.com/applications/misc/dnc/dnc.htm
HSBC: https://www.tools.asiapacific.hsbc.com/webform/apply?id=in+donotcall
CitiBank India: http://www.online.citibank.co.in/ngrhtm/custhmdnd.htm
Standard Chartered: https://play.standardchartered.com/smail/in/IN15/index.html
ABN Amro: http://mail.abnamrobank.co.in/creditcard/do_not_call_servicemail_cc.asp
SBI: http://www.sbicard.com/sbi/donotcall.jsp
Canara: http://www.canbankindia.com/personal/card/faircard/faircard-main.htm

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