Date: 7/7/2008

Biking has been my all time favorite from my childhood.

1990: My first bike was my dad’s bike (Hercules Popular). The bike I learned to pedal…


1993: BSA SLR the bike I got for my own. I was given a ladies model so both my sis and I can ride :-(

1995: Hercules MTB - the bike I loved the most and the bike I used during my school days.

2009: Hercules ACT 100

After years of motorcycling, I went back to biking again. Purchased a geared ACT 100 for long rides.

Vintage Bikes:
Date: 6/6/2008

Did you know I am mad about vintage bikes? Yes, I sourced a 1973 Jawa from Mysore and got it refurbished making sure all the original parts are not touched. I brought home this goodie from Mysore to Chennai (my hometown).

First few weeks with this bike has been very challenging. Every time I start the bike, I would flood the engine by having the choke on for a longer duration (didn’t know I was supposed to pump it for few times and close).

Researched a little and found that changing the carburetor was my best bet. Sourced a JIKOV Carb from a vendor and changing that took care of all the flooding issues.

Jawa The MachineJawa

The Tail The Head

In the list:


2. BSA

3. Norton

RC Fever:
Date: 5/4/2007

I am a great fan of RC helicopters, Flights and Cars. As a first initiative, a group of like minded friends in my company bought few choppers to try out the interesting hobby. The ultimate goal is to model an aircraft in the future.

This is only a model and doesn’t fly really. I managed to buy this aircraft near the Chennai Airport. This little toy is aerodynamic and very attractive.  The best part is the price. It costed me just INR 220/- equiv 4$

The Flying Group (few can really fly)